Boost the synergies at your daily stand-up meetings and take Scrum to the next level!

What is JayScrum?

The new level of Agile

Give your boring meetings a new meaning! Get your smartphone out of your pocket while talking on the daily standup and update your tasks in a new fancy fast way!

Made for everyone

JaySrum was made to not only look and behave great in the latest desktop browsers, but in tablet and smartphone browsers as well. Use as you like from your desktop or any mobile device.

Packed with features

Written in HTML5 with Jaydata by JayStack Technologies and the application is hosted on JayStorm in the cloud.

How to get JayScrum?

Download from Google Play Store

Kick-off collaboration by purchasing a monthly subscription for your own online JayScrum repository via the Andorid App Store . If you have purchased your own repository, you only have to invite your team members and collaboration is already up and running!

DISCLAIMER: For the time being, purchasing an online JayScrum repository is only possible with a valid Android AppStore subscription.

Connecting a repository

You can connect to an existing Team Repo from any mobile or desktop device with an internet connection.


  • Android App - FREE - The local use of the Android Application is free. You can create sprints, projects and every type of the items but it will be only avalaible on your phone.

  • Connecting to existing repository - FREE - With the Android Application you can connect to repositories hosted by others for free. You can connect to the repositories of your colleagues, teammates or friends if they share their repository URL or ID.

  • Online repository - $35/Month - For collaborative team use you can buy an online repository that can be used by everyone who knows the repository URL or ID, so you can start using the application in your Scrum Team easily!

See JayScrum in action!

Stunning trailer

X-Platform collaboration

Real-time burndown chart

Key features

Easy to use, clean and attractive interface

Customizable for multi-device usage, with comfortable lists, task swipe and much more.

Realtime Burndown Chart

Be always up to date and follow your sprints throughout the day on our pretty charts!

Realtime Sprint Summary

Scrum board shows you everything. Todo/Inprogress hours, remaining hours and more.

Cloud-based repository hosting

Your database is always accessible and your data is backed up automatically.

No price limitations

No limitations for your personal online repository, no per user price for an unlimited number of Projects and Sprints.

MyTask filter on Scrum Board

An easy answer for the following question: what have you done since yesterday? What are you planning to do today? :)

Latest release

Internet Explorer 10 support

Use JayScrum with the latest version of Internet Explorer. Try it from Windows 8 and pin the application as a tile to your home screen!

Firefox support

Use JayScrum with the latest version of Firefox on desktop.

One-click features for Work Items

Update your Work Item with only one click on it's detailed view. Supported fields: State, Remaining Work Hour, Assign To.

Layout and UI updates

The loading and the splash screen have been reinvented for the Application. Major UI and layout updates and optimization.

How it works?



If you want to work with your team, you will need to purchase an online JayScrum repository or you will have to have access to a repo purchased by a member of your team. You can manage multiple repos in the application, so you can connect to several Team Repos at the same time. You can also purchise your own online repo as well.


Scrum Wall

You can see the tasks of your current sprint on your Scrum wall, arranged by the status of each. Also here you can see the burndown chart. Sprint Burndown shows the trend line for the burndown of tasks in the current sprint. On the wall you can filter whether or not you only want to see the tasks assigned to you.



You can invite an unlimited number of users to your online JayScrum repository. Users can join your team via the web-based client or via their own FREE JayScrum application. In order for them to be able to log in, you will have to create users in your online JayScrum repository, and then share the repository URL with team members you wish to invite. You are provided a repository url as well as user names and passwords X after you have completed your purchase.



You can manage unlimited number of Sprints. Click the name of the sprint to see the corresponding scrum wall. Active sprints are automatically displayed on the application dashboard (opening screen). You can pin inactive sprints to the dashboard by selecting in the spring list.



You can create unlimited number of Projects. You can download saved user story items and record new items by clicking the project name.


Backlog (User stories)

In the user story view you will see the recorded stories for each sprint. Here you can record new user stories and modify existing ones. You can assign user stores to sprints and projects as well.


UI settings

You can personalise your screen. You can choose from many character fonts and differently colored schemas depending on your mood.